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Gardener – Ratna Ling Reteat Center

Posted March 4th, 2015 by admin

Lisa garden

Our deep appreciation of the natural environment requires a commitment to sustainability.  Our gardener has the chance to nurture and create this sustainable environment, giving and receiving the bounty of the earth. This is a very significant job as we intend to be feeding our community and guests from our organic home grown produce within two years.

We have a fenced raised bed garden  of flowers, vegetables and herbs that needs management, planning, planting and expansion. We also have a newly turned 1/2 acre fenced row garden.

The right person for this job is healthy, strong, loves to work independently, well organized, and has planned and managed large gardens in the past. One will also learn and practice essential communication and cooperation with our kitchen staff, as well as some  maintenance and irrigation of some of the site landscaping.

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