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Book Bindery Staff – Yeshe De Project

Posted March 2nd, 2015 by admin

Working in the Bindery

Yeshe De is always looking for new people to join our dedicated team. We are a fun loving, high energy, production oriented group of volunteers. If you are interested in putting your heart and best effort forward to preserving Tibetan Culture this might be the place for you. The bindery is mostly physical work that challenges the mind and body. The work consists of machine operation as well as hand assembly, wrapping, and boxing of books. Volunteers will be trained on at least two machines but will also be rotated throughout the bindery. You will learn skills in trouble shooting machines as well as operating them. You will also gain skills in how to work with repetitive motion and muscle memory while training your mind to remain sharp.


Folder: The folder is the heartbeat of the bindery. Before collating a book the printed sheets are folded into book sized pages in groups called signatures. The folder is the first step after printing in making a book. The folder is an excellent way to further develop mental sharpness and the ability to “connect the dots” for trouble shooting fine machinery.


Collator/Binder: The collator machine combines signatures in the correct order to make a book. The collator operators learn time management as well as organizational skills to maximize efficiency and maintain mental sharpness. Collating and binding books refines the senses for precision, multitasking, and time/spacial management.


Gold Stamper: Our gold stamper is 100 years old and is running just fine! This is a job for the mechanically oriented. The stamper requires a very detail oriented person right down to the millimeter. The stamper embosses  paper with ornate gold images. While working the stamper you learn to train your mind to remain steady and attentive while staying detail oriented.

Learn more about the Yeshe De Text Preservation Project.


What volunteers say:

“When I first came here I had the intention of learning all I could and when I had done that I would leave. But I am learning every day from the people and machines around me so here I am twelve years later still learning new things every day.” -Anette


“For me it is more than just work, it is more than just classes, this is saving a culture. This is something that is worth my time and worth my while. I think that these are more than just books we are making, we are creating a way out for these people. For me it feels like I have a real connection with who will be receiving the books I am making.” – Max

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